By alexey
7 months ago

Binance is launching Venus – an open blockchain project. The company is planning to operate digital assets and localized stablecoins that are going to be tied to fiat currencies. The project should help developing countries boost their currencies and improve the economic situation, both locally and globally. Binance will partner with companies, governments, high-tech enterprises, other blockchain companies, etc., who are part of the global blockchain system.

The company already has a good standing in the global cryptocurrency segment. It possesses a public chain technology and global payment system that maintains secure transactions. Launched last April, the company has offered a set of stablecoins tied to other cryptocurrencies and national currencies. For example, it has issued BTCB tied to BTC, and BGBP (the Binance BGBP Stable Coin) tied to the British Pound. As Binance builds Venus, it is going to use a multi-faceted cooperation network, compliance risk management system and general technical support.

Binance is looking to cooperate with a variety of businesses, organization and governmental authorities wanting to form new partnerships, stable alliances and strong communities. Anyone is free to directly contact our office and discuss the current global digital environment and its prospects.