By alexey
7 months ago

On July 22, the CertiK Foundation posted a message in its official blog. It announced that CertiK had launched CertiK blockchain. CertiK is one of advanced blockchain security companies. In 2018, Binance Lab granted the company an investment to leverage CertiK’s Formal Verification technology and enhance the security of the whole blockchain system.

Binance is the world’s top cybersecurity and a major crypto exchange group. Therefore, partnership with CertiK should give Binance extra tools to secure its smart contracts against critical vulnerabilities.

Reportedly, Binance is going to use the programming language DeepSEA to maximally secure its smart contracts. Also, cryptographic certificates should verify their security. Most likely, smart contracts not having these certificates will require extra fees.

Earlier reports say that the project received massive investments from the Ethereum Foundation in March. Back in December 2018,Qtum, an open source project, invested a sum of $400,000. It is noteworthy that DeepSEA was run by Professor Ronghui Gu – the co-founder of CertiK.

The blockchain will run on CertiKOS featuring a verified top-level protection against all sorts of cyberthreats. Additionally, the CertiK Virtual Machine, which operates on the Formal Verification platform, supports the blockchain. It will provide full and complete control of the project’s implementation.

CertiK is known to provide a variety of blockchain security services, such as platform customization, security auditing, vulnerability testing, etc.